Switzerland as an integral part of the Eurasian continent has all opportunities to occupy one of the leading positions in the “Greater Eurasian Partnership”. Our goal is to make this vision a reality.


We are offering a wide range of services to enable an almost risk-free expansion of your business activities in the Eurasian area and to ensure an efficient entry into the markets of northern and eastern Eurasia.


Our service aims to provide a structured approach to guide you throughout the development process, minimize potential risk and increase the success of your project.


Finding the right financial products for your project can be a hassle, as jurisdictions are different, markets are working different and language barriers are often a big challenge.


Entering a new market is one the biggest challenge for an expanding company. We help you to take the right decision wether a market entry is useful for your company or whats necessary to make it happen.


Our extensive local network helps to find the best location for your branch and streamlines the founding process in your planned location.

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Over the last 28 years, the services of our specialists have been effectively used by both business and political circles.

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Eurasian Industrial and Trade Center

Eurasian Industrial and Trade Center

Eurasian Industrial and Trade Center

Industrial Projects

Industrial Projects

Developing new Industries in countries abroad with existing and proven swiss technologies is one of our mission to create sustainable value and offer and execute financially attractive projects.

Infrastructural Projects

Infrastructural Projects

Infrastructure represents the heart of every country and is essential for the efficiency of an economy. Ranging from High Speed Streets, Medical Clinics or Sport Facilities, we have access to top project opportunities.

Tech Projects

Tech Projects

Emerging technologies are laying the foundation for the future economy and will change the way we are working and living tremendously. Especially the health and security sector are extremely interesting to make an social impact.

Real Estates

Real Estates

Real Estates have been and still are one of the most reliable asset class. Nevertheless it is not an easy task to find the most lucrative real estates in terms of return of investment. Our network is constantly scouting for the best properties and locations.

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Based on our long-standing business and consulting experience in the European and Asian economic area, we offer competent support in the sectors of project development, financial services, capital raising, as well as legal and strategic consulting. In our view, a responsible team of experts and a correctly chosen strategy right from the beginning are essential success factors for modern high-tech infrastructural and industrial projects.

Our enormous network in political and economic circles on decision-maker level in the Eurasian region, enables efficient and fast entry into the markets of the most attractive economic regions.

Our highest priority are Swiss entrepreneurs, who are planning to enter into the markets of northern and eastern Eurasia, supporting them with minimizing the risks and exploiting the full potential of the opportunities of this market.

Our non-commercial field of activities is represented by the «Eurasian Association People Initiatives», whose focus will be on the support of youth initiatives and the strengthening of partnership between Eurasian people and business communities. Detailed information on our mission and activities in this field may be found at the website www.eapi-ev.ch

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