Dear Sir or Madam, dear colleagues,

We wish everyone a successful business year despite the current circumstances. It is a challenging time right now and you can also see how the pandemic has made corrections in the market. There are various economic problems.

All of this brings us to the thought of what we can do to turn a problem into an opportunity and to get through this difficult time and thereby achieve business goals.

As specialists in the North and East Eurasian region, we believe that Swiss companies should be very active in promoting Eurasian cooperations.

Swiss SMEs have little experience with the possibilities of Swiss products or services in markets such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

It is understandable that most Swiss SMEs do business in Western Europe and that for many companies Eurasia and countries like Russia are fairly unknown.

The Russian market is global and the Russian resources are diverse and abundant. The Russian government has recently developed a wide variety of programs and funds to support the realisation of industrial and infrastructural projects.

Many different interesting projects are currently being initiated in Russia, from which Swiss companies could also benefit enormously.

One of the priorities of ZKM AG is to support Swiss companies in the Eurasian market.

We offer our Swiss colleagues the opportunity to present your company on our platform and show you which services and products can be offered with prospects of success in the Eurasian countries.

The experts at ZKM AG analyse various business areas and suggest possible variants to be offered.

The goal is to quickly gain a foothold on the Russian market and to turn the entry into a success story for your company with minimal risks and maximum success and to build a sustainable and trusting partnership.

The projects are launched by the official Russian commercial agency in Switzerland and our direct political and business contacts in Russia and can be viewed here on our website.

If you are interested in these projects as a service provider or product provider, or if you want to check the possibility of entering the market, please contact our team using the contact form.